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About me
With extensive relevant experience gained in architectural practice management, I act as an independent consultant offering professional advice in vital areas of good practice - see managing the practice, planning the projects and controlling the process. This are areas which deserve greater attention in the functioning of a professional practice.  Architects are passionate about architecture, and at times, vital elements relating to the practicalities of running a good ship are not given adequate regard. These are elements which may be legal obligations, or affect the financial health of the practice, or influence the quality of architectural output.

A registered architect and a qualified project manager, with extensive relevant experience gained in filling this role, I can bring a wide range of problem-solving skills in practice matters. These are skills acquired in senior roles held with leading architectural practices, where the primary focus of my role has been in dealing with practice matters. This has included making a wide range of in-house CPD presentations, on topics ranging from architects' appointments to ISO 9001 / 14001, and from ‘how to work out a fee' to monitoring of project costs.

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